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Aanvi Foundation

Aanvi is about Women. And their AAN. Pride. Our one and only aim is to help women who have been subjected to sexual harrasment of any sort, either in her home, at the workplace or elsewhere. This initiative is aimed towards creating not only a movement but an avalanche worldwide with a "One For All and All For One" approach so as to ensure that incidents of sexual violence in India are minimised.

Aanvi is about the Victory of the Pride of Women. We're a self reliant organisation and we earn our respect and the money to run our operations through innovative means that also provide employment opportunities to the victims of atrocities. We DO NOT accept donations! If you are proud to be a woman, and if you would like to help Aanvi, please do extend your helping hand and participate in one of our programs. You don't even need to devote time or make donations. Just read on How You Can Help and participate in whatever appeals to you. Needless to say, all of us at Aanvi Foundation will be indebted to you, forever!